2022 年圣迈克尔农业博览会

From September 29, 2022 until October 02, 2022
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Fira Agrària de Sant Miquel

More than 300 registrants and 50 speakers at the 1st BIT 2022 Congress, the benchmark competition in Bioeconomy Innovation and Technology that will take place on Thursday and Friday in La Llotja.

The Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of Generalitat of Catalonia, Fira de Lleida and City Council of Vic organize the event. The event also includes the Agora BIT (located at the BIT Expo, the Pavilion of the Assemblies of God), as a complement activity.

MAQUINARIA AGRICOLA SEGUES works to make farming easier and more profitable.

SOLAR3 provides solar photovoltaic systems of the highest quality to self-consume your HOME, COMPANY, or industrial SHIP.

The bioeconomy will be the central theme of the BIT Congress. The show will also host meetings on frost, the sheep and goat sector, plant health, extensive crops, women in the rural world, organic agriculture, the use of drones, the

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莱里达 - Fira de Lleida, 西班牙 莱里达 - Fira de Lleida, 西班牙


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