诺维萨德 - 塞尔维亚诺维萨德博览会

地点地址: Hajduk Veljkova 11, 诺维萨德, 塞尔维亚
官方网站: https://www.sajam.net/en
诺维萨德 - 塞尔维亚诺维萨德博览会

诺维萨德 - 塞尔维亚诺维萨德博览会


Welcome to Novi Sad Fair.

3 - 13 / 3欧洲文化之都 2022 年新悲伤计划“灵魂迁移”。

9-10 / 第 317 届国际教育博览会指南。

8-11 / 4 第25届国际珠宝钟表展SJAJ。

28 / 9- 2 / 1054th International Fairs \"Lorist\"狩猎和钓鱼博览会。

2 - 3/ 第 1111 届国际投资与能源日。

The Novi Sad Fair will be open to all who have purchased tickets for the Hunting and Fishing Fair and Ecology Fair. It will take place from September 28th to October 2nd.

Vibe factory festival - is the first, largest and most attractive gaming show in our country, designed in accordance with world standards, which will gather fans from October 21 to 23, at the Novi Sad Fair.

The General Director of the Novi Sad Fair, Slobodan Cvetković, and the Executive Director of the Fair, Boris Nadlukač, visited the international agricultural fair Land of the Feeder (Země živitelka),.

The Novi Sad Fair allows visitors to obtain information about ticket purchases, programs and fair events, sale of catalogs, and to download a mobile application that contains information about all exhibitors, as well as the possibility of reserving a parking space, through the website.

The "Master" Congress Centre of the Novi Sad Fair facilitates professional organisation of congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars, promotions, presentations, corporate events, fashion shows and similar events.